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FilmThe Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

Qing Ming, the Yin-Yang Master, took his master's last wish and went to the Captial Tiandu City to attend the heaven ceremony. Qing Ming started off with
Boya, the young nobleman and a warrior, as foes of each other, but later they became the best friends. The two partnered as a team and solved the bizarre cases, uncovered a century-long secret, and saved the world from the dark power.
  • Client Hehe Pictures, Shanghai Film Group
  • Release 2020.12.25


음양사: 청아집  <영화>

인간과 요괴가 공존하는 세상. 봉인된 요물이 깨어나고, 법사들이 하나씩 사라진다.